Pulse Oximeters and Health Education

By | June 13, 2023

Middle school kids all over the United States take on the challenge of learning various health related issues and cures for everyday challenges, but this year, they will have a new tool at their disposal, a pulse oximeter. Over the past 6 months, various school districts all over the U.S. have been adopting the use of pulse oximeters to demonstrate the importance of both pulse rate and oxygen saturation level in daily heath issues. Pulse oximeters will be used to show how quick and easily reading can be obtained, and then the readings will be used to show both normal and abnormal levels.

Health programs have shown that simple topics taught to kids at an early age are effective. The programs started out by teaching kids CPR, which provided positive results. The program then was expanded to include other topics in relation to poison control, which was becoming a growing problem in the U.S., and throughout the world. The initial program was revolved around first aid, and important tactics that are performed daily by emergency professionals. Pulse oximeters have been purchased at the rate of 5 oximeter per classroom. At a cost of under $40, the cost for the schools is not overwhelming for both the initial purchase or for replacement.

Kids are first taught the definition of both pulse rate and oxygen saturation, and also given the breakdown of ranges of readings. Kids are first taught to take their own pulse rate via old fashioned methods, before oximeters are employed for the task. Once the basics are taught to the kids, then oximeters are shown. Impressively, the accuracy for oximeters have been exceptional to traditional readings.

Landon Medical pulse oximeters were the ones that were issued to various school districts. They were chosen for their long positive track record. Landon Medical oximeters also come with an extensive 2-year warranty that covers all manufacturing defects.